4 house treatments for peptic ulcers


Ulcers are nothing however open sores that are inclined to develop in several components of your physique. Gastric and abdomen ulcers develop on the liner of your abdomen and have an effect on 2 to six per cent of the inhabitants. Stress, smoking, extra alcohol and overuse of anti-inflammatory medicines such a ibuprofen are widespread causes of peptic ulcers. Whereas you will need to search medical recommendation to eliminate this uncomfortable situation, right here just a few house treatments that you should utilize to hunt aid.


Banana assist to develop cells in your intestinal tract which helps to heal ulcers by growing mucus secretion in your digestive tract. Dry sum sliced banana within the solar. then grind the dried banana to make positive powder. Merely combine the powder in some honey and have it thrice a day.


Cabbage juice could be very efficient in treating peptic ulcers and is referred as vitamin U by the consultants as nicely. Consumption of cabbage will increase vitamin C in your physique which normally is low in sufferers of peptic ulcers.



Honey comprises glucose oxidase, an enzyme that will increase the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide that in the end kills all dangerous micro organism inflicting peptic ulcers.


Deglycyrrhizinate licorice (DGL) has been used to deal with peptic ulcers. DGL helps in producing mucus within the digestive system, which is essential in treating ulcers. Licorice can be useful when you need to devour medicinal medication like cortisone derivatives or aspirin recognized to extend the chance of growing ulcers.

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